Xiao Liang

Partner/Patent Attorney

Practice Area:  PCT application/Response to OA in the areas of chemistry and medicine /management and guidance of patent attorneys

Tel: 86-29-89585635-8142 Fax: 86-29-89585635-8001 E-mail: xiao.liang@unitalen.com   Office: Xi’an

Professional Experience

Since joining Unitalen in 2012, Ms. Liang has already dealt with a large number of applications involving organic compounds, polymers, functional materials and devices, chemical processes, semiconductor devices, biomedicine, etc., and has been responsible for responding to office actions in areas of chemistry. Ms. Liang has accumulated lots of experience in practice of patent applications. In addition, Ms. Liang has certain experience in team management.

Education Background

Master of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Biotechnology, Beijing Institute of Technology

Working Language

Chinese English