Xiaorong Zhao

Partner/Patent Attorney

Practice Area:  Chinese Patent application and PCT application/Response to OA/Patent reexamination/tort action and patent invalidation in the areas of electricity

Tel: 86-10-59208745   Fax: 86-10-85110966 E-mail: xiaorong.zhao@unitalen.com    Office: Beijing

Professional Experience

Since joining Unitalen in 2008,Miss Zhao have handled nearly a thousand new applications in the field of electricity, especially in the field of circuits.Miss Zhao also has been responsible for handling OA, review, invalidation and litigation.

Miss Zhao has done patent training and patent mining for many customers .

In addition,Miss Zhao also has related experience in team management .

Education Background

Master of Theory and New Technology of Electrical, Beijing Jiaotong University

Working Language

Chinese English