Chunde Yan


Practice Area:  Trademark/Copyright/Anti-unfair/Domain name areas

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Professional Experience

For years, Mr. Yan has handled various IP cases in trademark, copyright, anti-unfair competition, domain name, etc. Mr. Yan is quite experienced in handling civil infringement cases in trademark, anti-unfair competition, and copyright infringement, etc., and the trademark administrative litigation cases.

Mr. Yan’s clients are mostly all “Fortune 500” enterprises in various industries, such as Mars, Caterpillar, H&M, Burberry, Deutsche Telecom, Microsoft, Electrolux, Paul Frank, LV, Beiersdorf, Scotch Whisky Association, Diageo, HP, Sony Ericsson, Intel, Dunhill, Harley Davidson, GSK, Blackberry, Castrol, Shell, B&Q, SC Johnson & Son, 3M, etc.

Education Background

2000, Bachelor of Law & English, Southwest University of Political Sciences and Law, Chongqing
2003, Master of Laws, Litigation Law, Law School, Sun Yet-Sen (Zhongshan) University, Guangzhou2010, Ph.D., Litigation Law, Law School, Beijing Normal University, Beijing


Co-author of Analysis of Unregistered Chinese Trademark’s Legal Protection and Juridical Practice, 2010, China IP Magazine;
Analysis of the civil liability on exporters for IP infringements to pay compensation following customs seizures, 2010, Legal Studio;
Co-author of Know your venue and be prepared, Managing Intellectual Property,2009;
On inter-regional judicial assistance and relevant policies, on the issues in commercial trials related to Hong Kong and Macao/ The Foreign-related Commercial Trials of China Series, 2006, Law Press;
Co-author of The synthetic review of the civil litigation law, Chinese Journal of Law, (Chinese National Core Legal Journal and the Interchange Journal), 2001, CASS Press;
Co-author of Research of civil procedural law, 2001, Chinese Journal of Law

Working Language

Chinese English