Bo Li

Partner/Attorney at Law

Practice Area:  Intellectual Property/Dispute Resolution Legal Consultant for Corporations

Tel: 86-21-61703268 E-mail:   Office: ShanghaiVcard

Professional Experience

Before joining into Unitalen Attorneys at Law, Mr. Li has worked in listed companies and foreign-funded enterprises, and he has very rich working experiences in state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and private enterprises. He has served as the leader of the legal team and corporate lawyer successively in Hualian Supermarket Co., Ltd. of Brilliance Group (stock code: 600825), Mizuno (China) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Metersbonwe Clothing Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002269). During his tenure at Metersbonwe, he led his legal team won the "Top Ten Legal Risk Management Award of Chinese Listed Companies in 2010" and Metersbonwe was approved as one and the only pilot unit for lawyers of non-public companies in Shanghai.

Since joining into Unitalen Attorneys at Law, Mr. Li serves as the director of the litigation and legal affairs at Unitalen Shanghai Branch, and his responsibility is the management of litigation team and trademark team. He has acted numbers of litigation cases, including the first injunction case during the litigation of Shanghai since the new Civil Litigation Law issued, portrait infringement disputes of a famous tennis player and PPDAI trademark infringement dispute. The trademark infringement dispute of PPDAI was named as " The Top Ten Judicial Protection Cases of Intellectual Property in 2014 of Shanghai " and “Annual Case of the Chinese Court of 2016”was widely praised.

Education Background

Bachelor of history from Shanghai University; The Second Bachelor of law from East China University of Political Science and Law.
Master of Law in Civil and Commercial Law from East China University of Political Science and Law.

Professional Qualification: 

Member of IP Business Research Council of SBA


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Working Language

Chinese English