Hongzhi Zhou

Partner/Patent Attorney

Practice Area:  Applications for and reexamination of patents in the fields of electricity, communications, integrated circuits, computers and semiconductors

Tel: 86-10-59208599 E-mail: hongzhi.zhou@unitalen.com     Office: Beijing

Professional Experience

After graduation from university in 2003, Zhou Hongzhi was employed by a software company in Yokohama, Japan and had worked there for 2 years. He had accumulated rich experience in research and development and known more about Japanese culture.

He came back to China in 2005 and worked for an intellectual property agency company in Beijing, acting as a patent attorney for handling large quantities of patent applications in electromechanical field.
He joined UNITALEN ATTORNEYS AT LAW in 2008, where he has further improved his professional knowledge and business skills, handled many patent applications, and accumulated rich experience in patent prosecution. 
He studied in Kyoto, Japan in 2015 as a trainee. In the study period, he gave many lectures to Japanese clients, during which he introduced Chinese patent practice and obtained good reputation. 

Education Background

Bachelor of Engineering in Electromechanical Foreign Trade from Dalian University of Technology, Department of Mechanics in 2003
Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Literature from Dalian University of Technology 

Working Language

Chinese English Japanese