Wei Wang

Partner/Patent Attorney

Practice Area:  Patent Application/Reexamination/Electronics

Tel: 86-10-59208680 E-mail: wang.wei@unitalen.com   Office: Beijing

Professional Experience

Wang Wei  joined Unitalen in 2010.Before that,Wang Wei had been studying and accumulating working experience for several years in Japan and he is familiar with the Japanese culture. After joining Unitalen, Wang Wei has been mainly providing professional service in intellectual property for Japanese clients, concerning patent agency practice in both China and Japan. He has acted as an agent and applied for large numbers of patent applications in computer science, electronics, communication, and other technical fields and has accumulated rich practical experience. He studied in the Intellectual Property Department of a famous large-scaled Japanese manufacturing enterprise from May to July in 2016 and is familiar with intellectual property procedure and culture of Japanese companies. 

Education Background

Bachelor’s degree in Automation from Northeastern University
Master’s degree in Digital Signal Processing from Nagaoka University of Technology

Working Language

Chinese English Japanese