Yongbo Li

Vice-President/Partner/Attorney at Law

Practice Area:  The Litigation related to Trademark, Copyright, Unfair competition, Patent, infringement of commercial secrets,Intellectual property legal adviser and Technical contract and etc.

Tel: 86-10-59208888 E-mail:    Office: Beijing

Professional Experience

Mr. Li practices intellectual property law in China, familiar with international intellectual property rights protection mechanism, the sino-us intellectual property trial mechanism and the development of new information technology. Mr. Li has been involved the multinational company's patent, trademark, unfair competition, business secrets, cyber-squatting, network communication, Technology contract negotiations, and other IP issues. With the development of new technologies, Mr. Li paying special attention to cases about the field of advanced technology including the data communication, the Internet technology, network download, search engine, software patents, chip patent, biological medicine patent and the research about the Intellectual property abuse in Antitrust field. Familiar with the investigation procedures of the United States international trade commission 337 and have a good communication and cooperation with foreign lawyers.

Education Background

Visiting Scholar of Washington University
LL.M., University of San Francisco School of Law (2008)
LL.B., Tianjin University (1999)
B.S., Tianjin University (1999)

Professional Qualification: 

International Trademark Association (Chairman of China Federation of Global Advisory Council)
International Trademark Association (Vice-chairman ofAnti-unfair competition)
McCarthy Institute for Intellectual Property and Technology Law Fellow, Chinese Affiliate
The pioneering tutor of graduate student of Department of Management and Economics in Tianjin University
China Intellectual Property Society, senior member
All China lawyers association, Member
American Bar Association, Member
Expert of Beijing IP Case Research Institute of Supreme Court
The third session of lawyers' representatives in Beijing chaoyang district

Working Language

Chinese English