Yue Jiang

Partner/Patent Attorney

Practice Area:  Patent Agency for Mechanical Processing and Manufacturing and Automatics Industry/Responsible for Management and Training for Patent Agent.

Tel: 86-411-82563430 Fax: 86-411-82560747 E-mail: yue.jiang@unitalen.com   Office: Dalian

Professional Experience

After graduating from university in 2005, he worked for a Japanese marine air conditioner company for design of marine air conditioner for two years and accumulated abundant experience in terms of mechanical design and processing. He also deeply understands the corporate culture of Japanese company. 

In 2007, he joined Unitalen as intellectual property agent and has dealt with a huge number of cases related to mechanical processing and manufacturing and automatics industry since then. He has also accumulated abundant experience in patent agency. 

In addition, he is skillful in team management and has effective methods and experiences for agent training. 

Education Background

Dual degrees including Bachelor of Machinery Engineering, majoring in Electromechanical Foreign Trading and Bachelor of Japanese Arts of Department of Mechanics of Dalian University of Technology

Working Language

Chinese English Japanese