Baojun Wang

Partner/Patent Attorney

Practice Area:  Chinese Patent application and PCT application/Response to OA/Patent reexamination and patent invalidation in the areas of electricity/training patent engineers

Tel: 86-10-59208780 E-mail:   Office: Beijing

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Unitalen, Mr. Wang worked in another patent firm for several years. Mr. Wang provides patent service to many famous companies in the areas of telecommunication, computer and internet etc. His skills of patent drafting and OA handling have been highly recognized by clients.

Mr. Wang is also responsible for training of patent engineers and assessment of case quality. Mr. Wang has trained near one hundred patent engineers for patent drafting and OA responding. He has developed a complete training system which makes engineers easily master the basic knowledge of patent drafting and form special patent logic.

Mr. Wang has conducted thorough research on patent mining, patent drafting and OA responding and published several articles relating to the above topics. One of the articles, “how to expanding technology solutions” was elected as the excellent papers at the second IP Forum held by ACPAA.

Education Background

Master of Laws,Tsinghua University

Professional Qualification: 

Member of ACPAA  

Working Language

Chinese English