Dr.Jingqiao Tang

Partner/Patent Attorney

Practice Area:  Patent prosecution, Drafting, Forwarding,replying Office Action, Reexamination, Patent invalidation,

Tel: 86-10-59208453 E-mail: jingqiao.tang@unitalen.com   Office: Beijing

Professional Experience

Dr. Tang began his patent practice in a large-scale foreign-related patent and trademark firm in 2005, and joined Unitalen in 2007. As a patent attorney, Dr. Tang has practiced in all phases of patent prosecution, including drafting and preparing patent application document, forwarding and replying Office Action, reexamination, and patent infringement analyzing, etc. Dr. Tang has handled many patent application cases, including foreign cases entering into China and domestic cases entering into other countries/regions. Dr. Tang’s practice fields involve in communication technology, computer technology, electronics technology, semiconductor technology, and industrial automation technology, etc. 

Education Background

Ph.D. in control theory and control engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology
M.S. in control theory and control engineering, Beijing Institute of Machinery
B.S. in industry electric automation, Zhejiang University

Working Language

Chinese English